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✓ Maximum speed of 25 km/h
✓ Maximum range of 30 km
✓ Charging time of 8-9 hours


Electric scooters are part of the ‘last-mile’ mobility campaign, that will allow a much greener future. This was Xiaomi’s inspiration in 2018, after the launch of the M365 Pro. Below we have highlighted the upgrades of this e-scooter compared to the classic M365.

This is the Xiaomi M365 Pro

xiaomi m365 pro measures

The Chinese electronic company Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi M365 Pro as the successor to the Xiaomi M365. Among other things, the Pro features an extensive display that gives you insight into your speed and allows you to switch between different modes. In addition, the M365 Pro has a longer battery life and a stronger engine. Below we have gathered the crucial differences between the two products and listed the information you will want to know.

Pro’s & Con’s of the Xiaomi M365 Pro

 Pro's Con's
+Equipped with cruise control-Higher price tag than the M365
+Electrical protection system
+Different driving modes such as Eco, Drive and Sport
+Folded within 3 seconds
+30 km/h range with 474 Wh battery

Features of the Xiaomi M365 Pro

The Xiaomi M365 Pro has an extensive range of technical specifications combined with a modern design. Below you will find the most important features of the Xiaomi M365 Pro.


xiaomi m365 pro display

The Xiaomi M365 Pro has a subtle but robust design, with a black body and red detailing. With a weight of 14.2 kg, it is not the lightest e-scooter currently available but Nevertheless, can be collapsed within a few seconds, making it relatively easy to take with you on public transport or store at work and home.

The e-scooter has two pneumatic tires with a wheel size of 8.5″. They are strong but rather narrow tires that don’t have a thick tread, making them unsuitable for off-road surfaces.


You start the M365 Pro by pressing the button below the display. With the same button, you can turn on (with a double click) the headlight and switch between the different speed modes. Once you arrive at your destination, just hit the button again. To park this scooter, you can use the compact stand that is attached to the left side of the scooter.

A useful feature of the Xiaomi M365 Pro is the firm grip you can have on the handlebars. Because of the profile of the handles, they don’t slip out of your hand, even when they get during rainfall.

Technical specifications of the Xiaomi M365 Pro

Compared to the Xiaomi M365, the Pro has improved features and revised technical specifications. Examples of this are:

  • Clear LED display with speedometer, battery indication and speed mode
  • Sharp front and rear lighting with LED
  • Reinforced front and rear brakes, where the rear brake is built into the mudguard
  • Cruise control function that allows you to automatically maintain the same speed
  • Regenerative braking system, just like a Tesla car. Energy is generated and returned to the battery during braking.
  • A 474Wh battery
  • 30 km range
  • Weight of 14.2 kg

Xiaomi M365 Pro vs. Xiaomi M365

The Xiaomi M365 Pro wasn’t just designed and created – it was made to improve upon its predecessor: Xiaomi M365. This new variation wouldn’t have earned the title ‘Pro’ if it didn’t have several enhanced differences between the models.

First of all the Pro variant has a larger battery, making its range far longer. In fact, the Pro model has 50 Watts more power than its predecessor, which also allows the Pro to brave 6% steeper gradients. The surface you stand on is also longer and wider than the M365.

Furthermore, the handlebars of the Pro version has a better display, which shows the current speed, battery status, bluetooth connection and lighting. The Pro version also has two extra driving programs which means the sport mode can go 5 km/h faster than the standard mode.

Contents of the box

If you purchase the Xiaomi M365 Pro, the following extras are included in the delivery:

✓ 1 x Xiaomi M365 Pro
✓ 1 x EU charger
✓ 1 x Adapter for a tyre pump
✓ 1 x Screwdriver
✓ 4 x Screws

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Additional information

Specification: Xiaomi M365 Pro

Material Aluminium
Wheel size 8.5"
Wheel core type Nylon core
Product dimensions 108 x 46 x 113 cm
Quality label CE
Age Adults
Brand Xiaomi
Top speed 25 km/h
Range Over 20 km
Colour Black
Tyres Pneumatic tyres
Product weight 15 kg
Maximum load capacity 120 kg