Segway Discovery

Segway, who doesn’t know this brand by now? More and more people around the world are discovering the (environmental) advantages of an electric scooter. Segway recently began offering e-scooter enthusiasts the opportunity to help even more people discover the benefits of these electric two-wheelers. This concept was appropriately launched under the name ‘Segway Discovery’.

This is Segway Discovery

Segway Discovery is the complete solution for any entrepreneur who wants to offer their own fleet of shared e-scooters. At the same time, it allows Segway to take their place as a key player in the sharing economy. Segway simply provide you with the materials and you take care of the management yourself. Segway will provide, among other things:

    • Your own line of white-label e-scooters that you can brand according to the corporate identity of the company.
    • IoT (Internet of Things) functionality to remotely ‘communicate’ with the fleet
    • A personalized mobile app to restrict scooter usage to only those who are registered with your company

Your own Segway fleet

So anyone can start their own Segway fleet? Really? Yeah, really! That said, some will be more interested in the concept than others. For example, Segway are specifically interested in targeting the following groups:

Hotels: let guests discover the city in comfort

With Segway Discovery, hotel owners have the opportunity to make their own ‘fleet’ of Segways available for their guests. Complimentary bicycle hire has long been a staple of international hotel chains. Now e-scooters are ready to join them!

Public transport: additional transport for the last mile

Public transport companies can now use Segway scooters to take customers not just somewhere close to where they want to go, but to actually get them to their final destination. Passengers can use a scooter to get from the terminus to their destination, then simply return the Segway back to the stop or station on their return.

Cruise holiday companies: from ship to shore and on to the city

Segway Discovery could also offer an innovative solution for tourists on cruise ships. During a round trip or cruise, travellers often have limited time to visit a city. Can Segway improve this experience with a scooter waiting for passengers at their destination? We can’t wait to find out!

Meet the Segway Max


The Segway Max is the electric scooter that will be provided as part of the Segway Discovery service (not to be confused with the Segway Ninebot Max G30). The ‘Max’ has been adapted specifically for shared use and has larger wheels, a firmer chassis, a larger range and reduced recharging time. With a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a range of 60 kilometres, it allows users to visit all the necessary sights.

It’s also for new entrepreneurs

Anyone can start their own Segway fleet. Existing companies can add these electric scooters to their current services. New entrepreneurs can start a company with the rental of Segways and offer their fleet to a specific sector.

We can’t say for sure whether this service from Segway will increase the prominence of shared scooters in the future. What we can say is that the scheme represents positive news for every advocate of green transport. Find out more about electric shared scooters here.