Electric scooter for kids

Since the invention of the first scooters, kids have loved to ride them. With the advancement of the electric scooter, they can now enjoy an even more thrilling method of transport that is not only safe but also provides endless hours of fun.

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Are children allowed to ride an electric scooter?

Unfortunately, e-scooters are treated as mopeds in UK law. This means they cannot be driven on the pavement and will need to be road-legal, taxed and insured like any other road vehicle. Also, the rider must be 16 or over and wearing a suitable safety helmet.

Fortunately, a Government initiative will be coming into effect to support the “last-mile” campaign, which is aiming to make the future of travel greener. This means the law will change to mirror those of the city bikes that are rentable in busy cities such as London and Manchester, relaxing the restrictions.

Which electric scooters are suitable for children?

The safety features that are built into modern electric scooters means that they are now far more safer for children to ride. The manufacture is sturdier, the mechanics are more reliable, and the braking distance is shorter and more efficient. The following e-scooters are suitable for children to use on private land:

1. Razor Electric Power Core E90

Razor Electric Power Core E90

+ Steel bodywork
+ 75% more ride time than similar models
+ Urethane front wheel
+ Hand-operated front brake

The Razor Electric Power Core E90 utilises the breakthrough hub motor technology, which is reliable and maintenance-free. The 12V sealed lead acid battery allows up to 75% more ride time, compared to similar models, which allows 70 minutes of continuous use.

This e-scooter has a hand-operated front brake, steel framework and a urethane airless tire. This e-scooter can easily achieve speeds of 16 km and has push-button acceleration built into the handlebars. Also, its retractable kickstand is sturdy and lockable for when it’s being parked or not used.
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2. Razor Power Core E100

Razor Power Core E100

+ Speeds of 18km/h
+ Maintenance-free
+ Razor’s Power Core Technology increases ride time
+ Heavy-duty steel body

An improvement on the E90 model and the classic E100, this e-scooter has a 50% longer running time. It does not need alignment, chain or a tensioner which makes it ideal for kids. It can gain speeds of 18 km/h and has a frame made of heavy-duty steel.

The battery allows 40 minutes of continuous drive time and has a twist-grip throttle and a chain-driven motor. This e-scooter is easily folded away by using the handlebar mechanism. The front pneumatic tire is 8″ and The rear tire is made of polyurethane – making it ready for high performance rides.
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3. Razor Power Core E100S

Razor Power Core E100S

+ Razor’s Power Core Technology increases ride time
+ 16 % lighter than the E100 model
+ Twist-grip acceleration control
+ Pneumatic front tyre

The Razor Power Core E100S is a slick looking e-scooter, that is 16% lighter than the E100 model, making it easier to transport when it’s not in use. Its Power Core Technology allows an increased ride time of 60 minutes, compared to other similar products on the market.

The Pneumatic front tyre allows a smooth and steady drive, and the hand-operated front brake will add extra safety and give an additional piece of mind when your child is out having fun. The sturdy spring-loaded kickstand allows the scooter to stand when not in use, and will not easily collapse if it gets knocked.

A fantastic feature of this e-scooter is the detachable padded seat that allows the option to be seated. This is perfect for children who cannot stand for a long period of time.
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4. Ripsar R100 24v

Ripsar R100 24v electric scooter

+ Three position height adjustment
+ Heavy-duty footbrake
+ 120w motor
+ Has twist grip acceleration

The Ripsar 24v is an attractive sporty looking scooter that has three position height adjustments, to cater for children of all ages and heights. The metal framework and footbrake are heavy-duty, and the reliable hand operated rear brake is easy to use. The chain driven 120w motor can achieve speeds of 16km.

The comfortable easy-grip handlebars have a twist grip acceleration that can quickly increase to top speeds. Its 6″ front pneumatic tyre provides a smooth ride and is not phased by bumpy terrains.
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5. HOMCOM 120W


+ 10 – 15 km max speed
+ 6 – 8 hour recharge time
+ 110 lbs maximum weight

The HOMCOM 120W is a high-quality steel framed scooter, with a comfortable padded seat which is ideal for children who may need more support while riding. Its high-performance battery allows a 10 – 15 km riding distance and has a recharge time of 6 – 8 hours.

The hand operated brake adds a level of safety to the scooter, while the adjustable bars heightens the steering and seat to cater for kids of all sizes. The retractable kickstand is sturdy and allows the e-scooter to sufficiently stand when not in use. Also, the easy folding function allows the scooter to be transported and stored easily.
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Tips for buying an electric scooter for children

When buying an e-scooter for your kids, there are a few things you must take into consideration while searching for the perfect model. The scooter must match their needs and also be safe for them to ride.

1. Speed

Knowing what kind of max speed you want for your child is a good starting point. If they are younger, you may want a lower speed with a more efficient motor and battery. If you are looking for a little more speed, so they can get to and from locations at a faster pace, then the higher speed specs are recommended.

2. Weight

If you have a child who is small in stature, then a lighter scooter will probably be perfect for them. This way, they will be able to support the weight if they lose their balance, as well as transport it when they are not using the e-scooter.

3. Find a safe place to ride

Until the laws in the UK have changed, having a safe place for your children to drive is crucial. You do not want to be in a position where you or child get in trouble by the police or forced to ride where they may get hurt.