Cheapest electric scooters

Forget luxury. Opting for a cheaper model will just as likely get you to your destination. I hear you thinking: cheap ultimately means expensive in the long term. But not with electric scooters. Cheaper two-wheelers lack perhaps the superb features and have less km autonomy per load, but you still absolutely get your money’s worth from these five electric scooters!

The top 5 cheapest electric scooters of 2020

1. Denver SCO-65210: the absolute cheapest

+ Very competitively priced: £226
Limited range of 7.5 miles

Let’s kick off with The Denver SCO-65210. It is the cheapest of the five. You can easily take this cool collapsible e-scooter with you wherever you go, and it will last for about 8 miles on a full battery. The two-wheeler is equipped with LED lighting and durable rubber tires. A great scooter that sets you back for only £226!

Price: £226 
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2. Razor electric E300S: cheap & comfort


+ Many extras for a cheap price
– Hard saddle

The next on the list is the Razor Electric E300S. One of the advantages of this scooter is the extra included seat. Are your legs getting tired? Just unlock the seat and get comfortable! The electric scooter’s battery life lasts up to 40 minutes. And with a maximum speed reaching up to 15 mph, this convenience bad boy sure is worth your money.

Prijs: £289
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3. Phaewo X10: style & techy

Phaewo X10 Opvouwbare Elektrische Step

+ Different speed modes
– The steering wheel can start to vibrate after a few miles

The electric scooter that earns a spot in our top 5: the Phaewo X10. The renewed model breaths style. Assembled with high-quality puncture-proof tires and reaching a maximum speed of 15 mph, this Chinese wheeler is equipped to cope with a wide range of traffic conditions. If that’s not enough, the scooter also includes six nifty protection features, such as short-circuit and overcurrent protection.

Price: £329,99 
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4. The CityBlitz Moove: quality

+ Great quality
Limited range, up to 12.5 miles

The CityBlitz Moove is a very solid e-scooter for a competitive price. The frame is made of lightweight aluminium, so it does not require prior training to carry your wheeler around. It comes with various safety features and pneumatic tyres providing you with increased driving comfort. With a top speed of 20 mph and autonomy of 12.5 miles, this e-scooter is a decent option with plenty of comforts!

Price: £500
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5. Xiaomi M365: best-choice

xiaomi steps

+ Sleek design & best price-quality ratio
– tire punctures are common

While the scooter is not the cheapest, the Xiaomi ‘s popularity is unprecedented. Xiaomi owes its success mainly to its appealing price-quality ratio. The M365 is equipped with a robust frame and is still foldable, making it easy to carry with you. Autonomy per load is 20 miles! The Xiaomi app lets you keep track of your riding behaviour. And, to top it all off; the scooter comes with a standard two-year warranty.

Price: £459.99
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In addition to the price, there are lots of other things you consider when making your purchase. Perhaps speed is more important to you or autonomy per load. Browse through our collection of two-wheelers and spot your favourite!